What Do Ducks Eat In A Pond? – A Comprehensive Guide For Your Knowledge

What Do Ducks Eat In A Pond? – A Comprehensive Guide For Your Knowledge

We love to feed animals around us. Ducks are one of the most often locally fed animals by humans. Research has estimated that every 4.5 minutes a duck is fed with 4.9 slices of bread (Chapman and Jones, 2009). Definitely feeding ducks is the best way to make an empathetic relationship with them. However, proper knowledge is needed for the healthy feeding of ducks.

Though ducks are omnivores – meaning they can eat both veggies and non-veggies – food that is good to humans is not necessarily good for them. In some cases, human food can be difficult for their digestion making it unfit for them. Therefore, giving healthy and digestible food to ducks is necessary to know. So let us check what is the best food for ducks.

However, living in a pond makes them more reliant on green food.

What Do Ducks Eat In A Pond?

Ducks being waterfowls are best with green food. There is plenty of food for ducks in their natural habitat. However, due to increased urbanization human communities have occupied the natural habitats of animals. This is why during migration ducks are mostly found in human communities. And for the love of animals, a great number of people feed them to build empathetic trust. However, not all human food is good for ducks’ health.

Ducks mostly eat green food in ponds. However, small insects and pests are also good sources of protein for them. But what should we feed them? Food like birdseed, sweetcorn, rice, lettuce, peas, and oats are good sources of nutrition for ducks. Here is why…

Best Foods For Ducks:

Like every other living being, the food for ducks needs to be right according to their body requirements and their digestive health. Normally, rice, sweetcorn, peas, lettuce, and oats are easily accessible to humans, and these give no harm to the duck’s nutritional health. But bird seeds made with proper research and the best dietary ingredients for ducks can be an awesome treat for them.

Manna Pro Duck Food

Manna Pro Duck food can be a good choice when it comes to healthy food for ducks. It is best formulated for laying ducks and geese.

Feeding ducks with bread is not good for their health. However, other options like rice, sweetcorn, peas, lettuce, and oats are rich in nutrients for ducks. Manna Pro Duck food works as a healthy treat for ducks. You can mix it with crushed corn and they will love to eat this.

While feeding ducks in the pond, you can feed them with Manna Pro Duck food on the ground. Ducks are friendly to humans, and they are not afraid to visit you on the ground if you have a good place to nurture them.

Purina Duck Food

Purina Duck Food is another nutrition-rich treat for ducks. It is specially formulated to meet the need for niacin (25mg/lb) for ducks. Also, there are prebiotics and probiotics to support the immune and digestive health of ducks.

If a flock of ducks visits a nearby lake in your town, you can feed them with Purina Duck food on the ground. Ducks are not scared of humans, they are often good to take feed from your hand too. Mixing Purina Duck food with crushed corn, oats, peas, lettuce, and rice can be an enjoyable treat for them.

Choice of Taste

It is interesting to know that Mallards, the most common duck, have 200 taste buds. Whereas, humans have around 9000 taste buds. This specific knowledge is necessary to know that at times ducks have built their choice of taste.

It is common to know that food is loved by a specific flock of ducks whereas a flock of ducks visiting in other areas may refuse to eat it. Having a good number of taste buds makes it understandable that ducks can have a variable choice of food. Therefore, if ducks refuse to eat food or treat you may try to change it with other food, and don’t worry, the taste of ducks is not complicated to give a tough time.

Reference: https://www.ducks.org/conservation/waterfowl-research-science/understanding-waterfowl-duck-digestion

Do Ducks Eat:

Best Duck Foods

1) Frogs:

Ducks have a good appetite for frogs. Since ducks are omnivores, therefore their digestive health and food choice include frogs.

2) Bread:

Yes, ducks eat bread. However, a completely reliant diet of bread cannot fulfill the nutritional needs of ducks. A varied diet with corn, oats, peas, lettuce, and rice is good to meet their nutritional needs.

3) Fishes:

Fish are good food for wild ducks. Living in ponds, ducks have a sound appetite for fish, this usually includes small fish.

4) Ticks:

Birds are one of the natural enemies of ticks. Ducks being birds definitely eat a good number of ticks in a day. It is good to note that ducks in an area can significantly reduce the number of ticks living there.

5) Worms:

Worms are a good source of nutrition for ducks. They are fond of eating them, consuming a large number of worms per day.

6) Corn:

Corns are the best treat with rich nutrients for ducks. Sweetcorn (corn with high sugar contents) is also the best food to attract ducks and build an empathetic relationship with them.

7) Duckweed:

Duckweed is a healthy nutritious food in ponds for ducks. Since ducks in ponds are fond of eating green food, duckweed is one of the best foods for them.

8) Gizzards:

The gizzard is an organ that helps in grinding food while passing through the digestive system of ducks. Ducks store food in their esophagus and gizzard helps to grind it during digestion.


Feeding ducks for the love of animals is definitely a good choice. However, choosing a healthy diet is definitely necessary. Make sure not to stick with one food item. Supplementary food with crushed corn, oats, peas, lettuce, or whole rice, is a good option for ducks’ nutritional health.

Natural foods like worms, insects, frogs are necessary for ducks to fulfill their need for protein and other essential nutrients. Therefore, while feeding ducks in a pond, don’t forget to give them healthy bites. Happy loving animals!

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