What Is A Koi Pond? Complete Guide About Koi Pond

What Is A Koi Pond? Complete Guide About Koi Pond

Do you have a Koi pond in the backyard of your house? If not, let us tell you the importance of having a koi pond in your backyard. You can make your backyard look attractive and bring exotic serenity to your life. It provides you with a natural feeling and lets you feel relaxed whenever you sit in the backyard of your house.

This guide provides you with detailed information about what is a koi pond and what its purpose is. You will also come to know about the reasons why you should have it in your house and how you can build one in your house. The koi ponds can be created and designed in different ways and styles that could add value to your house as well as create peaceful energy there.

What Is A Koi Pond?

If you are interested to know what is a koi pond, you must review this section. It is a type of pond which is like a large tank majorly used for koi for swimming in. you need to construct this pool very carefully where the walls should be straight down so that there is no way for the predators to enter. This pond is designed in a way that it maintains the atmosphere that is required by the koi fish to live in.

Why A Koi Pond Is Needed?

Following are some reasons that explain why you need a koi pond:

  • Good Luck

Many people believe that making a koi pond in your house brings good luck. It is the common belief of the Japanese people who believe that koi fish brings strength to them. Moreover, this fish is also well-known for swimming upstream no matter what the condition is. It gives you the motivation to accomplish a mission till you succeed.

  • Relieving Stress

If you want to relieve your stress after working all day long, it would be best if you have a koi pond in your backyard. You must be wondering what is a koi pond and why it is involved in relieving our stress. Let us tell you this pond lets you feel happy when you see koi swimming in the pond. It touches your inner spirit. So, you feel relaxed after some time.

  • Adding Natural Beauty

No doubt, a koi pond adds beauty to your backyard and lets you feel like you are sitting in the middle of nature. You can spend your evening with your friends in the backyard of your house with cocktails with the beautiful view of uniquely patterned koi. Your guests will also find it attractive and will be impressed by your personality.

  • Raising Property Value

The value of your property is raised if you have a koi pond in your house. No doubt, it requires creativity to maintain a beautiful koi pond in your house. Thus, it not only attracts the real estate agents but also the buyers of your property which increases the marketability of your house. So, after seeing the koi pond in your house, the buyers feel like they must pay a higher price for your property.

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Where To Install A Koi Pond?

Where To Install A Koi Pond?

When you decide to install a koi pond in your house, you need to select the right location for this pond. You can add it to your outdoor living space as there is a lot of space to have a koi pond. You need to consider some important things before making a koi pond at your place. For example, you should make sure there is enough space to install a koi pond.

You should also need to consider the visibility factor. If you want to install it in an open place like your backyard, you should make sure that it is easily accessible and visible to you. You should try to find a place that is not constantly shaded.

Maintenance Considerations For Koi Pond

Maintenance Considerations For Koi Pond

It is important to maintain your koi pond to make it worth living for the koi in it and grow. Moreover, proper maintenance will also increase the beauty of this pond.

  • The Temperature of Pond Water

You need to consider the temperature of the pond water so that it could be easy for koi fish to live in it. It means the temperature of pond water should be hot or moderate in the winter season when the water freezes. You should make sure that there is a hole in the surface of the ice so that the pond could be de-iced easily.

  • Water Filtration System

You must take care of the water filtration system that is connected with the koi pond. Make sure you have a properly sized pump that plays a vital role in powering this pond’s filtration system. We know that a lot of waste is produced by koi so it is important to have a proper filtration system for keeping the pond clean.

  • Koi Pond Predators

It is important for you to keep your koi pond safe from the animals like herons and raccoons if there are any in your area. In this situation, you need to have electric fences and pond netting for protecting the koi from predators. Moreover, you can also have a fake head of an alligator floating on the surface of the pond’s water for protecting the koi fish.

Steps To Build a Koi Pond

Steps To Build a Koi Pond

After getting information about what is a koi pond and how to maintain it, now let us discuss the steps that are involved in building a koi pond. You can hire a professional for its installation but some people are fond of doing it themselves. So, let’s have a look at these steps:

  • Designing

The first step to building a koi pond is to design it first. You can use a pencil and paper for designing it. No doubt, visuals are the best to put your ideas on before implementing them. Designing makes it easy for you to create and install your dream koi pond.

  • Outlining the Pond

After designing, the next step is to outline the pond. You need to choose the location where you want to install the koi pond. If you want to have it in your backyard, you need to outline the pond and remove the grass from the center. You also need to outline the location of other elements or features such as the skimmer, waterfall, filtration system, etc.

  • Digging the Pond and Trenches

When you are done with outlining, the next step is to dig the pond. It would be best if you add different shelves and tires to your pond. Make sure you keep the pond 5ft deep. Next, dig the trenches from the pond to the external filter. You can also use a submersible pump for this purpose.

  • Installing Bottom Drainage

After completing the digging process, you need to install the bottom drainage that plays a vital role in removing the waste of the fish from the pond. For this purpose, you need to dig a hole in the center of the pond to allow the gravity to work and move the waste towards the drain.

  • Lining the Pond

In the next step, you need to underlay the pond and line it. For this purpose, you need to place the liner in the center of your koi pond. Make sure you unfold it carefully so that it does not get damaged. You should unfold it in a way that all of the ponds are covered completely.

  • Edging the Pond

The next step is to edge the koi pond. Before edging, you need to connect the bottom drain and the skimmer. Then, choose the right material for edging your pond. It is recommended to use large rocks for this purpose as it helps in adding natural beauty to your koi pond. You can also add tiles or bricks for adding a modern look.

  • Adding Bacteria and Water

Now, you need to finish your koi pond. It can be done by adding bacteria and water to your pond. The purpose is to dechlorinate the pond’s water. You can also add a heater to your koi pond and turn it on. It would be best if you set the temperature between 59oF to 77oF.

  • Planting and Checking Water Parameters

Next, you need to add your favorite plants near your koi pond to add more value and beauty to it. You should add the fish to the pond when the plants and bacteria get established. Then, you need to check the water parameters and make sure that the nitrogen cycle has been finished.

  • Adding Fish

The last step is to add fish to your koi pond when everything is settled down. You need to acclimate the fish before putting them in the pond. It can be done by putting some pond water in a bowl and also putting the fish in it. After some time, pour the fish into the pond gently.

Summing Up

Many people like to have a koi pond in their house to add value to their property and make their house look more beautiful. The most ideal place for a koi pond in your house is your backyard. Japanese believe that a koi pond brings strength and good luck. You need to plan and design the koi pond before implementing your idea. Make sure you secure your koi pond so that no predator could attack the koi fish in the pond. Do not forget to maintain the pond property to maintain its beauty.

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