Why Is My Betta Fish Not Eating? [Reasons]

Why Is My Betta Fish Not Eating? [Reasons]

When you buy a pet and keep them at home then you take care of your pet and feed them at a proper time. Same where fish keepers are always worried about taking care of their fishes.

All the organisms need care and a proper diet to stay healthy. If you have a fish, then you must take care of the tank of fish, water in the tank, and food for fish.

Similarly, you need a guide while you have a Betta fish because this is a special species in the family of aquariums. So there is a worry when you see that my Betta won’t eat.

Here Are The Reasons Of Why Won’t My Betta Fish Eat

my betta fish isn't eating

Sometimes their fishes do not eat proper feed due to some reasons. Betta fish has a life span of 3 to 5 years and you take more care of your Betta.

There are some reasons due to which Betta fish are not eating. And you asked why my Betta fish is not eating. So here are the common problems or reasons why your betta fish spit out the food or not eat.

1) Poor Water Condition

1) Poor Water Condition - why won't my betta eat

In the case of poor water conditions or dirty water, the Betta doesn’t eat due to the smell of water and when you add food in the water the quality of food also becomes weak.

In many cases, microorganisms live in water and dirt the water which is harmful to them. If you don’t change the water then it becomes yellowish and feels dirty.

So, clean the water of the tank maximum two times a day, to clean the environment of your Betta to eat food, and remain healthy. Clean water is very necessary for Betta fishes.

2) Stress

2) Stress - my betta fish won't eat

If your Betta is in stress then Betta fish spitting out food. Betta feels stress in the case of overeating or due to some health issues. In this regard, you must try to solve the stress problem because in this case mostly Betta dies.

Many Betta fishes have stress because many other fishes living with them from other classes. To solve this you keep an eye on them and give them new or good food and try to take another new Betta with it.

You should change the food and observe whether Betta is eating food or not. Because in the case of stress Betta feels bad and not to eat. So you should watch them regularly at intervals.

3) Bad Food

3) Bad Food - my betta fish isn't eating

If you give bad food to your Betta it stops eating. So give them a good quality of food and that food which is according to their choice.

Before giving them food, consult with a fish keeper to know that which is the favorite food of Betta. So, try to give that food to your Betta which is liked by them. And don’t give them bad quality food.

This will keep the Betta stay and healthy. Because, the bad quality of food damages the stomach as well as seating capacity so as not to give them preserved food and bad quality food.

4) Due To Sickness

4) Due To Sickness - my betta won't eat

Due to sickness, Betta fish won’t eat. Because in sickness the stomach of the fish is not able to digest food properly even though in sickness the taste of our mouth also becomes bad and we don’t want to eat something as it is in Betta fishes.

During sickness, the Betta stops eating and you should try to give them those things which cure the sickness of Betta. Mostly in this case you don’t know that the Betta has a disease and gives harm to Betta that’s why Betta fish is not eating.

So, you just observe your Betta and if Betta is ill then cure them by giving some food that prevents sickness and your Betta starts eating.

5) Over Feeding

5) Over Feeding - new betta fish not eating

In the case of overfeeding, my Betta fish is not eating. Might be possible you give more food to Betta and it eats all food. In this case, for some time don’t give food to Betta so that the over food digests properly.

If you give them more and more food then they feel many diseases and don’t eat. Overfeeding also creates many diseases like constipation but it can cure with the passage of time.

After some time your Betta starts eating and you don’t worry about this because it’s not a big problem and try to give a limited amount of food at one time to your Betta. And don’t give them more food to eat.

6) You Purchase A New Fish

6) You Purchase A New Fish - betta fish spitting out food

If you purchase a new Betta then the new Betta fish is not eating because it’s climate change. The water and the place also changed that’s why Betta is not eating and in this case, try to give them food that they liked.

Because new Betta fishes require some time to adjust in the new climate. And new Betta fishes have problems like small water tanks but after some time your Betta starts eating and stays healthy but it needs a little time.

So you just need to give them a proper climate and change the water in the tank regularly to keep your Betta healthy and strong.

7) Digestive System Problem

7) Digestive System Problem - my betta fish won't eat

If your Betta has a digestive problem that occurs mostly in case of overeating and drinking dirty water then your Betta does not eat something because it’s stomach doesn’t work and not digesting the food.

That’s why Betta is not eating. The bad quality food effects on the digestive system of Betta fishes. Might be possible that Betta eats bad quality food.

In this case try to give them those things by asking the experts, through which their digestive system starts work properly. And starts eating again without any problem.

8) Parasites In Water

8) Parasites In Water - why won't my betta fish eat

Parasites are the microorganisms that live in water and are harmful to the watery animals. If parasites are in water then Betta is not eating. So, try to clean the water regularly and add clean water in the tank.

Betta fishes lived in pure clean water. In this case, try to use filtered water and keep an eye on Betta whether it starts eating or not. And the good way is to give them a clean and proper climate to survive.

If your Betta drinks the water with parasites then this is more harmful to your Betta because parasites destroyed the stomach of Betta.

9) The Food Is Freeze

9) The Food Is Freeze - betta not eating

Betta fish do not eat frozen food and if you give them frozen food then they do not eat the food because when you add frozen food in water the food becomes flimsy and not be able to eat. In this case, my Betta fish won’t eat.

Betta fishes are the special species so, they need good and fresh food. So, not give them frozen foods and anything that is too cold and freeze.

Because all the frozen foods damage their stomach and hence the digestive system also does not work. And this damage only due to cold things that you give to your Betta. Because Betta fishes always need fresh food to stay healthy.

10) Not Like The Food

10) Not Like The Food - my betta fish isn't eating

One of the most viewed reasons is that the food that you give to Betta is not liked by Betta. You should give them those foods which they like and want to eat.

There are many things available in the store according to the taste of Betta. So, consult with an expert fishkeeper because they know what things and which type of food Betta fishes are liking.

And try to give them their liked food and don’t give them more food because this is also harmful to them. This is the main reason so, with all the reasons you should take care of the food and diet of your Betta.


betta fish spitting out food - conclusion

The experts of Your Aquarium Guide give you all the reasons and all the solutions when your Betta fish is not eating. We give the answers to all your questions like why won’t my Betta eat, why is my Betta fish not eating, etc to solve your worries.

We give you relief because many people that have Betta have the main problem is that “why won’t my Betta fish eat” so, we give you a full article that solves your problems.

If your worry is the same then you must read the full article thoroughly which you know all the reasons due to which your Betta is not eating and then you simply observe and cure the problem.

With this, you must try to consult with many other fishkeeper experts who know very well about fishes. The main thing is to place your Betta in a clean or safe place and try to change the water regularly.

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